College Prep Music Theory

The College Prep Music Theory Class at City Voices meets at 5 pm on Monday afternoons at the City Voices studios.

Materials: Binder of theory worksheets (available from Mrs. Sims), website.

September 8, 2019: Welcome, Worksheet 1

September 15, 2019: Review Worksheet 1 Major Scales, HOMEWORK: do bottom of Worksheet 1 (Natural Minor), visit website for practice. READ through Rhythm handout.

September 22, 2019: Review all of Worksheet 1, complete Worksheet 2 in class, as well as Modes Worksheet 3. KNOW YOUR BASS CLEF NOTES. Complete Rhythm worksheet 1 in class or at home. HOMEWORK: complete Worksheet 1 Supplement, as well as bottom of Worksheet 3 (Triads)

September 29, 2019: Review all scales. Triad work.